Family Law in Armenia

Divorces, protection rights of spouses and children, as well as other legal services

  • Preparation of marriage contracts and provision of notarization

  • Conducting out-of-court settlements between spouses (including ex-spouses)

  • Representation in guardianship and trusteeship bodies

  • Preparation of alimony agreements

  • Judicial and non-judicial protection of spouses and children's rights and interests

  • Judicial representation in cases of child care and permanent residence

  • Judicial protection of parental rights

  • Judicial representation in paternity recognition cases

  • Judicial representation on the division of jointly owned property of the spouses

  • Judicial representation in cases of confiscation of alimony

  • Compilation of a lawsuit for the declaration of marriage as an invalid and judicial representation

  • Representation of the client's interests in the Court of First Instance, Court of Appeal, Court of Cassation