Having various insights on rights and liberty and with the aim of designing a new legal culture, Gritarres company was established in 2018.

Gritarres company gathered around itself specialists with diverse legal knowledge and experience. At the same time, though, they had similar goals and visions of improvement. From the beginning of its establishment, the team underlined the importance of working in tandem, because the most important principle of Gritarres company is to use not all possible legal toolsets, but the most effective one and to achieve this solution the team discloses all possible solutions, their financial and legal risks.

From the beginning, Gritarres has guided the culture of answering not only posed questions but also unposed questions having essential importance the clients of law companies sometimes cannot completely and comprehensively evaluate their possible interests as well as their maximum advantages.

Cooperating with the lawyers of Gritarres, clients are confident because they receive the whole legal and financial insights into their cases.


Being a young and ambitious law company, Gritarres is sustainably moving up in line with domestic and international modern challenges, and market needs.

The team incorporates young lawyers who are following not only amendments of legal fields but also geopolitical ones. As a result of which Gritarres provides also remote legal services. Moreover, the service fee is possible to receive also in cryptocurrency.

On the basis of advancement of Gritarres is the fact that the team is expanding the scope of legal services (Information Technology, Due Diligence of companies, Intellectual Property, etc.) and geography on a daily basis. Gritarres provides legal services in Armenia as well as abroad (in the Republic of Georgia, The USA, The UAE, and so forth) on its own or through partner companies.

Another proof of the advancement of Gritarres is the progressively expanding number of clients and interns who have the will to collaborate with the team. The founders and managing partners of the Gritarres constantly teach in Armenian universities where they share with the students their professional background, experienced complicated paths, and the necessity of having a sufficient will for reaching the personal goals

The Secret of Success

Throughout the years, Gritarres enriched the experience of working collectively and progressed the character of achieving the team's goals. Correspondingly, the team has been adjusting its working style and approaches to the domestic and international contemporary requirements. A prime example of this, are foreign employees working in Gritarres who share with the team their unique working experience and culture. Furthermore, by studying the experience of international legal companies and combining them with national values, Gritarres has designed an extraordinary legal culture which pushes the team to efficiently achieve each solution.

Lawyers and attorneys of Gritarres demonstrate an exclusive approach to each case and customer. Having the wish to create a more convenient atmosphere for clients, the lawyers can communicate with their clients in five languages (Armenian, English, Russian, French, and Persian). Correspondingly, Gritarres has had/has clients and partners from different countries (China, India, Myanmar, Iran, Ukraine, Russia, the USA, France, and so forth).

Furthermore, remaining faithful to attorney's ethical principles and the rules of conduct, Gritarres guarantees only the provision of a high level of legal services while the result no. Meanwhile, Gritarres takes over such legal assignments, which though complicated, but having a legal solution.

Principles and Goals

The main purpose of Gritarres is the protection and recovery of clients’ rights and legal interests. Providing high-quality legal services, Gritarres is already ranked among the best legal companies in the region.

Taking into consideration the experience of Gritarres, the team provides quick legal services. To improve the manner to achieve this purpose, the team participates in various educational and informative projects. Furthermore, the team responds to the all questions of clients 24/7 in order to provide quick legal services via social platforms, phone calls, and during meetings.

As already has been mentioned above, the lawyers and attorneys have a distinctive career path which helps the team to fundamentally understand the client’s needs. To identify the real problems of the client Gritarres company completely discovers what kind of challenges are faced by the clients and the features of their business sphere based on what it provides the the most efficient legal and financial solution possible.

One of the principles adopted by the Gritarres is to adjust its working style to the client's daily activities in so that the latter won’t have any inconveniences while working with the team.

Having experience in different legal fields allows Gritarres to provide such legal services that will diversify the client's business risks, and reduce the tax burden as well as the possibility of making mistakes.

Working with the company the customers know that there is no need to follow the amendments of legislation of RA as far as Gritarres has employees, especially for that job who are following up and informing the clients about that on a daily basis.