Debt Collection Litigation in Armenia

Debt collection in a fast and efficient way

  • Legal advice on confiscation of funds

  • Notifications/reminders to debtors through phone calls

  • Conduct negotiations with debtors

  • Written notice to the debtors about the existence of the debt and the payment responsibility

  • Preparation and submission of a conciliation agreements

  • Nomination of a candidate as a licensed mediator

  • Preparation of a foreclosure notice and transmittal to the debtor

  • Proving legal services to register a foreclosure property (ensuring a notarization, and registration in the Cadaster Committee of RA)

  • Preparing a payment order, and submitting it to the Court

  • Compilation of lawsuit and Submission to the Court

  • Representation in all Courts of the Republic of Armenia

  • Compilation of objections, motions, positions and submission to the Court

  • Presentation of a judgment that has entered into force to Compulsory Enforcement Service of RA

  • Representation in the Compulsory Enforcement Service of RA

  • Preparation and submission of an appeal, of a response to an appeal, as well as other judicial documents

  • Preparation and submission of a Cassation appeal, a response to it, as well as other court documents

  • Debt collection through bankruptcy proceedings