Labor Law in Armenia

Consultancy, Drafting job agreements, Decision and other documents, Labour disputes

  • Drafting employment and service agreements (including collective agreements)

  • Compilation of internal disciplinary rules and other internal legal acts of the employer

  • Preparation of an employer's internal individual legal acts: Orders, decisions, etc.

  • Judicial and non-judicial representation of an employer's rights and legal interests violated by an employee

  • Providing legal advice on the most effective ways to tackle a labor dispute

  • Compilation of lawsuit for material damages caused by an employee to the employer

  • Providing legal advice to employers regarding the conditions of acceptance of employees under the age of 18 (working conditions, rights, and responsibilities of the latter)

  • Providing legal advice on the possible change of the employee's working conditions by the employer

  • Drafting and providing to employers the necessary legal documents in case of unilateral termination of employment agreement at employers' initiative on different bases.

  • Providing legal advice on the workplace conditions and health safety standards in the light of the legislation of RA and decisions of the Government of the RA

  • Protection of the employer's rights in First Instance Court, Court of Appeals and Court of Cassation of the Republic of Armenia

  • Preparation of lawsuits, answers of a lawsuit, an appeals, a cassation appeals as well as other judicial documents