Bankruptcy in Armenia

Consultancy, Representation at court and auction, Dispute settlement

  • Preparing (voluntary/compulsory) bankruptcy applications for individuals and companies (implementation of relevant inquiries)

  • Preparing insolvency risk applications for individuals and legal entities

  • Nomination of a candidate as a bankruptcy manager

  • Judicial representation in bankruptcy proceedings

  • Representation in meetings of creditors within the framework of bankruptcy proceedings

  • Preparation of a financial recovery project, and submission to the Bankruptcy Court of RA

  • Preparing a conciliation agreement during bankruptcy proceedings

  • Preparing and submitting objections, motions as well as other judicial documents in the bankruptcy proceedings

  • Participation in inventory work

  • Participation in auctions

  • Representation on behalf of the bankruptcy manager, including preparation of lawsuits, as well as other judicial documents, and representation in Court

  • Preparation and submission of an appeal, a response to an appeal, as well as other judicial documents

  • Preparation and submission of a Cassation appeal, of a response to it, as well as other court documents