Accounting in Armenia

Providing consultation, management reports, supervision of cash flow, and risk management.

Accounting Services

  • Accountancy for different types of legal entities, including: companies, NGOs, credit organizations, investment funds, restaurants, hotels, tourist agencies, and other commercial or non-commercial entities.

  • Preparing tax as well as other necessary reports to comply with Armenian legislation.

  • Reporting to the tax as well as other authorities.

  • Implementation (Automatization) of the system of the past reports.

  • Bookkeeping

Management Reports

  • Provision of consultation on managing daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual cases.

  • Designing an investment and business project


  • Considering the business field's specificities, consultancy on the specific tax policy choice is provided.

  • Provision of financial consultation.

  • Disclosure of the benefits of the relevant tax regime

Supervision of Cash Flow

  • Planning of the monthly, quarterly as well as annual budget of the company

  • Tracking the proper fulfillment of the duties toward the third parties

  • Designing the relevant optimal tax policy

Risk Management

  • Identifying, eliminating, and minimalizing the business risks.

  • Finding the balance between taking a risk and constant operation of the business

  • Measurement, monitoring, and dealing with the financial, managerial, and tax risks.